Finding a good Forex strategy needs a lot of time, patient, and knowledge, there are more forex strategies that you can count on, Also taking the time to test them all is exhausting. Thankfully we made a Forex Expert for MetaTrader that everyone can set up with few steps and no need to be pro for running and making these actual PIPs

Our Forex Bot Benefits

  • It’s fully automatic and requires no manual trading
  • Setup is quick and easy for any skill level with great results
  • Risk is properly spread out among a mix of currency pair crosses
  • All trades come from its reliable and proven grid system
  • It’s already tested and your income is guaranteed

Why This Is Already Better Than 99% Manual Trades

Almost all of the Traders is a victim of this three fatal mistakes, first of it is emotional trading, the second mistake is over trading and the third one is choosing a big lot size and not being careful about account management.

Emotional Trading

In summary

·     Happiness – underestimate the risks

·     Fear – we fail to act (inertia)

·     Anger – Overreact (Revenge) 

·     Sadness-risk averse 

·     Greed – Take bigger risks

Over Trading

Overtrading is a process of buying and selling Forex pairs, stocks, or other securities excessively. It involves trading all-day without stopping and eventually, making ineffective decisions that lead to financial ruin!

Account Management

There is no Forex strategy in the world that can predict the Market and be hundred percent sure of what will happen to that Stock, Currency pair! , When you open positions with big lot size and use high leverage, you may lose the whole money you invested in just one Trade! You must always respect Market moves and consider account Management.

What You’ll Need To Start Trading With Our Forex Bot

  • The MetaTrader 4 Trading Platform
  • The ISUbot Forex Robot
  • Roughly 5 Minutes To Set It Up

This strategy will work on any account size larger than $3,000.00 , As long as your broker offers the MetaTrader 4 platform you should be all set to continue.

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  1. Dharmendra Kumar Munda says:

    I am Dharmendra from India.
    I want to buy your Forex BOT But first want to see MT4 ID and Investor password….

    Telegram- +919507522101

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