Binance trading bot
What is MoonBot?

MoonBot is a platform for manual and automatic cryptocurrency trading based on tick data and the display of each order on the chart.

What is MoonBot Strategy?

The strategies are designed to separately fine-tune the parameters for different kinds of trading signals.

Important: This section applies to advanced settings. All the parameters can be changed with any accuracy, in any range.

Is MoonBot works automatically with a strategy?

Yes, The bot will enter and exit trades by parameters we wrote for you. 

Do I need a pro version of MoonBot to use ISUBot strategies?

Yes. You should have a pro version of the software.

What is our services for MoonBot?

We created a package of strategies for MoonBot. With our plan you can trade at any type of market scenario such as Bearish, Bullish, or Neutral. You will certainly be notified which strategy to use at the current market situation. it’s a Package of 5 adjusted strategy.

What is in ISUBot strategy package?

We have two different packages for spot trading at Binance.

Both of the packages includes 5 strategies (Moonshot, Drop detection, Wall detection, Volume, Combo).


Gold Package
Monthly expected profit between 70-100% from your total investment
6-10 Trades Daily
Spot Market
Maximum drop-down 10%
Lifetime - including free update
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Premium Package
Monthly expected profit between 100-150% of your total investment
10-14 Daily Trades
Spot Market
Maximum drop-down 15%
Lifetime - including free update
One month of a free mentorship
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