What Are Crypto Trading Bots?

Crypto trading bot

Diligently checking the crypto markets on a daily or perhaps hourly basis: it’s an adrenaline rush, but is it the most efficient way to trade? If efficiency is your goal, algorithmic cryptocurrency trading bots can help.

Crypto robots are computer programs that open buy and sell orders depending on the strategy rules that are pre-defined, For example, one simple trading strategy bot might use to sell ADA is the volume or any other parameters like the different percentage between the minimum and maximum prices within the period, you can set these parameters to check in last 15M, 30M, 1H, etc.

There are more than 20 more parameters that are pre-defined to tell your bot where to enter and sell for how much profit, you need to figure out which strategy is profitable then you can set your parameters and start a bot that works for you 24/7 day without any emotion!

In short, crypto trading bots enable trading based on data and trends—not on emotional impulse. Ultimately, this usually grows their profits, minimizes their risks.

Automated trading is supported by a growing number of platforms, but we are using the Moonbot crypto trading platform.

What are The Best Trading Strategies?

here is some explanation of the strategies you can use.

Momentum Trading

Momentum trading involves monitoring the momentum, the robot aims to ride the positive momentum and sell when the momentum reverse, this is useful here as the timing of buys and sells is crucial when making this strategy great.


Arbitrage is commonly associated with spot trading in the crypto market, the price of an Altcoin can vary in different exchanges, the bot buys on one exchange and sells on another one, the bots are great for this strategy to cause the investor must purchase and sell at the same time.

Natural Language Processing

The cryptocurrency market reacts to news and other factors, such as social media attention, especially on Twitter, Using NLP programming, there are different services that you can check the volume of the coin Trending on Twitter and other social media, the user can train a bot to react to certain words or trend volume it picks up from news sources. For example, training a bot to pick up bullish terms such as partnership news can allow someone to enter the market before the price starts to increase.

Types of bots

  • Arbitrage bots
  • Market making bots
  • Technical trading bots
  • Profile automation bots

What is Our bot?

We designed a market maker bot strategy to buy and sells as quickly as possible to make profits, it can call the scalper robot strategy, it will buy and sell orders automatically, We use different strategy depending on the market situation.

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