What are the Crypto Bot Strategies and how it works?

The strategies are designed to fine-tune the parameters for different kinds of trading signals separately. Strategies are meant for fine-tuning the bot’s interaction with signals. This section covers advanced settings. All highlighted parameters can be modified to any value within any range, ISUbot designed five strategies that you can use in different market situations for trading in the Binance Spot Market.

How do we turn on the bot to start trading with our ready-to-go designed strategies?

The strategies begin to work after you tick the checkboxes for needed ones and click “Start Selected” (except for strategies for manual trading). At the same time in the main window the button “strategy” lights up a light bulb.

What parameters do we design for the bot and what is the meaning of those parameters?

In crafting our trading strategy, we meticulously design and fine-tune over 100 parameters, each contributing to a comprehensive approach.

This includes factors like coin volume within specific timeframes, delta BTC variations in hourly, minute, and daily intervals, specific Exponential Moving Averages (EMA), maximum open orders, and numerous other critical elements. The culmination of these parameters forms the foundation for our trading bot to execute trades when market conditions align with the specified strategy.

What sets our approach apart is the collaborative effort of more than 10 seasoned traders who dedicated months to harmonizing these parameters seamlessly. This intensive process ensures a robust strategy, backed by a diverse team of professionals, all working collectively to optimize trading outcomes.

You can get our ready-to-go strategies in less than 24 hours and run your bot without any concern, we will inform you what strategy you must turn on every day so that if the market structure changes, you will be able to keep the profit even in bearish days!

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